One fork

Sample menu

Fresh homebaked farmers bread with pesto

Charcuterie: Serrano, Schiaccaiata, salami, mortadella

”Arancini” with wild mushrooms, mozzarella and tomato jam

Beef “tataki” with rocket, ginger dressing, parmesan and pine nuts

Rubbed salmon with fennel and apple salad with spicy mayo

Salted cod brandade in danish crust with baked garlic aioli, and sun-dried tomatoes

Flatbreads with avocado hummus, roasted peppers, fennel and herbs

Atlantic shrimps and scallops ceviche with fennel and cucumbers

Chicken leg drumsticks with homemade satay glaze.


Sweets and coffee

Tanariva chocolate brownies

Carrot cake with white chocolate

“Hjónabandssæla” Rhubarb and Crumble.

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